The Agony of Knowledge

Commissioned in 2014 by Mark Newman via PBSFM Melbourne and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, The Agony of Knowledge is an instrumental song cycle for six-piece electro-acoustic ensemble. The names, form and sparse, brooding mood of the work are derived from an exploration of ancient Norse and Middle-German texts, notably the Nibelungenlied and Völsungasaga.

The Agony of Knowledge was conceived and composed for the 2014 Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Its premiere was recorded by PBSFM for national broadcast. Working with some of Australia's best improvising musicians, Tilman's loosely scored structured improvisations allowed for sonic exploration of great depth.

Praise for The Agony of Knowledge:

" epic, evocative, moodscape." - Greg Phillips text

Composed by Tilman Robinson

Tilman Robinson - trombone/laptop/no-input mixer
Erkki Veltheim - violin/piano
Aviva Endean - clarinets
Jonathan Heilbron - double bass
James Gilligan - acoustic bass
Leigh Fisher - drums/percussion

Recorded live by PBSFM at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne on 30/5/2014
Engineered by Paul Maybury
Mixed by Paul Maybury and Tilman Robinson
Mastered by Paul Maybury

Recording © Tilman Robinson & PBSFM Melbourne